Monday, May 5, 2008

Bus Driver Bonnie, come back!!

read link below if you visit this spot Bonnie. We miss you.

Something Kid related

Well apparently Gary went to work yesterday and was sitting in the flight deck of the 757 and was going to eat a banana. Innocent enough right? Well he pulled back the skin and saw several small silver things sticking out. Upon investigation he realized they were sewing needles. He immediately began profiling this horrible person, it had to be a warped individual who would concoct a scheme of pain to his victim's at grocery store produce isles everywhere, maybe a ring of terrible practical joke players, then he realized it was Mason, our oldest son, yes he was apparently board and stuck sewing needles he found on my counter top into the bunch of bananas. Unsuspecting Gary then took a banana to work innocently enough and nearly bit into the pin cushion. Why?well would you if you were a 6 year old boy? He thought it was fun. Conversations you couldn't imagine having with your kids, even if you tried.

"Mason, it is not a good idea to put sewing pins in bananas or any other fruit, they could hurt someone if they bite into them"

The banana crime took place yesterday and Gary forgot to tell me of the other poor bananas, he did how ever remember today and called Mason from work, I was sick in bed, really craving a banana (just kidding) I was sick in bed, he made Mason throw the rest in the garbage while he waited on the phone, Mason came to me while I was in my sick stupor state and mumbled something about pins in a banana but to be honest I didn't pay attention until this eve when Gary told me.