Saturday, March 21, 2009

Prayer time and bible

Every night now I have been reading the bible out loud to all the kids while they pile on my bed, then we take time to pray each one who wants too. Lately it has been all three younger kids and this is what comes out.

Nettie "Dear God, will you help us? Will you help us? (pause) That's not nice God try again, will you help us? Okay thank you." Bless us and bless the children with no mommies find them mommies God".

Judah "Dear Jesus and God, I love my family I love my dad I love my mom, feed all the Ethiopians today God."

Abby "Dear Lord, I just ask that you heal the world, that you heal this family and anyone who has tummy aches, make us a better family and a clean family."

I am watching my children growing in Christ. We were reading in James the other night about having partiality to the poor and that we should always welcome the poor in to our lives and church with the spot of honor. Judah remembers recently we went out to reach out to the homeless people in our community. We didn't get far as the park that usually is home to many men and women without one was empty. We were however able to hand a banana to one person and offer him water and a few bucks. He was the only person we actually reached out to that day. We were sitting in the parking lot reading from James about how we don't just say to someone who has nothing "Go on your way, be blessed and stay warm" we have to actually feed and clothe them. Just as we were reading this a man came to our window begging. It was the opportunity to show my kids how God's love works in action not just talk. We did the simple act of feeding him and he went on his way. The rest of the day was disappointing as we were not able to reach out to anyone. It was the one person and the one thing we did that made a difference in our younger child's life. The other night he said after we read from the bible about showing partiality he said "Mom I would never put someone poor by my feet, I would feed them I would give them a banana and water!" To him that was the thing you do. I realized, even in my failed attempts to show my kids how to reach out to the community, if you are reaching out you cannot fail even if you only go with good intentions.