Saturday, March 21, 2009

Prayer time and bible

Every night now I have been reading the bible out loud to all the kids while they pile on my bed, then we take time to pray each one who wants too. Lately it has been all three younger kids and this is what comes out.

Nettie "Dear God, will you help us? Will you help us? (pause) That's not nice God try again, will you help us? Okay thank you." Bless us and bless the children with no mommies find them mommies God".

Judah "Dear Jesus and God, I love my family I love my dad I love my mom, feed all the Ethiopians today God."

Abby "Dear Lord, I just ask that you heal the world, that you heal this family and anyone who has tummy aches, make us a better family and a clean family."

I am watching my children growing in Christ. We were reading in James the other night about having partiality to the poor and that we should always welcome the poor in to our lives and church with the spot of honor. Judah remembers recently we went out to reach out to the homeless people in our community. We didn't get far as the park that usually is home to many men and women without one was empty. We were however able to hand a banana to one person and offer him water and a few bucks. He was the only person we actually reached out to that day. We were sitting in the parking lot reading from James about how we don't just say to someone who has nothing "Go on your way, be blessed and stay warm" we have to actually feed and clothe them. Just as we were reading this a man came to our window begging. It was the opportunity to show my kids how God's love works in action not just talk. We did the simple act of feeding him and he went on his way. The rest of the day was disappointing as we were not able to reach out to anyone. It was the one person and the one thing we did that made a difference in our younger child's life. The other night he said after we read from the bible about showing partiality he said "Mom I would never put someone poor by my feet, I would feed them I would give them a banana and water!" To him that was the thing you do. I realized, even in my failed attempts to show my kids how to reach out to the community, if you are reaching out you cannot fail even if you only go with good intentions.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

More from the Abby gallery

More from the Abby gallery

Well if you read the below post Abby (5) spent most of her day trying to a catch some birds. The night ended with her finally catching a cricket, it is not bird but for her it will do. By the time she needed to get into bed she was baby talking it and building it a fortress to sleep with her (of course inside the Tupperware container) As I said goodnight to her she was in deep thought she asked me
"Mom can spiders, you know, like open things?" I told her no. Then she said "Mom what about octopus can they open jars?" I said yes. She then asked me if octopus can come out of the water. My poor child, this is her big concern of the day if an octopus is going to climb out of the water and creep into her room and open the lid to her cricket jar and nab her baby. I would love to climb into her head and just see what is going on in there.


Well my sweet little funny bunny. Here is what she has been up to lately.

On the way to Sprouts she proclaimed that girls in Turkmenistan don't wear clothes, they go to all girl parties naked, even girls that are not from Turkmenistan. I asked her calmly, it is very cold there what if they freeze their boom booms off, she said, "Well sometimes that just happens."
As always Dead Pan Abby

Today she wore her bee wings, no shirt messy hair and blueberry shake mustache, to catch a bird. Her plan was to disguise herself as a bird, stay low to the ground and set a trap. She had Nettie following her around with matching yellow bumble bee wings. They gathered pumpkin seeds, lunch meat, and flowers. The logic in this was to catch all kind of birds, specifically a vulture, a crow and a hummingbird, to keep as pets of course. She was kind enough to ask Mason if he would like to have a bird as well. Towards the end of this 2 hour game she also added a boiled egg so that a vulture flying through the air would see it and think it was hers and fly down to get it, at that point she would catch it by it's feet and stick it in a cage. Genious really. The dogs loved the food laid on the ground, it frustrated Abby to no end because everytime she turned around a chihuhahua and a yorkie mix were there to spoil her plan.

She has been obsessed with where the center of the earth is. She asked me if if there was a snot pit at the center of the earth. I am learning that Abby is wayyyyyyy grosser than the boys. I guess I knew that about girls, I mean really we can be crude. We as girls also posess the ability to really describe things, we have been gifted with words and expression to really drive home the point.

Currently we are watching "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in sticking with the theme.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Grizzly Mommy

And we are not talking about the Bearinstien Bears.

I was watching "When animals attack" with my two oldest children. I know not appropriate, but entertaining anyway.

They showed a grizzly bear charging this guy, they described her as ears back, teeth showing rushing at the men like a freight train, when my darling Abby piped up and said "Hey mom that bear looks like you!", she went on to explain how we were the same, "You are both fat, you have a fat belly, fat arms and a beautiful head though, sharp teeth that show, and your back is fat and you yell at us.

I had to hold back the giggle, she just looked so innocent in her thoughts, not trying to be mean. I guess when you are three feet tall an angry grown up could look like a grizzly. I will have to work on that, for now.......