Monday, March 2, 2009

Grizzly Mommy

And we are not talking about the Bearinstien Bears.

I was watching "When animals attack" with my two oldest children. I know not appropriate, but entertaining anyway.

They showed a grizzly bear charging this guy, they described her as ears back, teeth showing rushing at the men like a freight train, when my darling Abby piped up and said "Hey mom that bear looks like you!", she went on to explain how we were the same, "You are both fat, you have a fat belly, fat arms and a beautiful head though, sharp teeth that show, and your back is fat and you yell at us.

I had to hold back the giggle, she just looked so innocent in her thoughts, not trying to be mean. I guess when you are three feet tall an angry grown up could look like a grizzly. I will have to work on that, for now.......



  1. Are you sure you're not embellishing just a little.?
    I love the beautiful head comment. She's funny

  2. no babe no embellishing here, i wish though the whole over fat comment started to hurt after a bit., you didn't get to meet Abby do da day, she is a character!!!! she said it just like that. I love the fat back part, but in the middle of all that she added my beautiful head, not face, head!! she is a hoot, she says so many crazy things in the day I forget most of them.

  3. oh my goodness how cute and truly funny