About Me

My name is Kim, I am married to a goofy man named Gary.  My job is anything and everything.  MOM.  We have five beautiful children both through birth and adoption.  After four kids we thought we were done as they are all unrealistically close in age.  (My life is more like managing a non stop slumber party).  Then bam.  Along came five.  At this point who knows what will happen? With number five approaching six months old we decided we needed wide opens spaces.  So.... we are moving to a farm with three acres so we can practice self sufficiency.  We are really learning as we go. 

My interest are varied.  Obviously adoption is a big deal for our family and Africa since two of my children and my husband were born there.  I always imagined that I would live there too at some point.  We tried our hand at homeschooling but recently put our kiddos in school.  It has been a nice break but turbulent at times too.  I also like photography and writing.  I used to love painting and reading but who has time for that?

 We are always at work in our family to build faith and put God number one.  Ironically I wrote this last.