Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Famous Playground that Gary built

The playground has a cool tire swing, major heavy duty it will make you sick as a dog if you spin too long on it.
this is the completed deal, we used rubber tire chips to put underneath, since Gary built it so huge and we needed something soft to pad a big fall. The base alone is over 6 feet. There is a Jacobs ladder, disk swing, tire swing, two saddle swings,monkey bars, rock climbing, ladder, trapeze bar with a buoy ball that we can switch out for the swings.
We had Mason's birthday party so that is why there is streamers hanging from the monkey bars. There were about 15 kids romping on this thing. It held up nicely.
A happy mom with someplace for her kids to finally play other than the previous cactus garden.
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  1. wow! it looks awesome. i bet the kids are having a blast back there :)


    ps, happy birthday, mason :)

  2. I love the picture of the three of you! So cute!