Saturday, September 20, 2008

Taking matters into our own hands

Well with our car gone we fill less in control and more at the mercy of time and the police. Most people would just sit back and wait for that phone call. Not my husband. He had me print out 150 pictures of our Suburban and he spent an hour on the phone getting addresses of the boarder patrols and local police stations. His intention is to send these pictures off on Monday with a letter to every border control station in hopes of them recovering our Suburban. I know it was a piece of junk with a good motor and new tires, but it was our piece of junk!! My husband toiled for hours in the garage working on and maintaining that truck. He painted it, fixed the air, changed the engine, kept it up and basically it has our blood, sweat and tears in it. All in the name of trying to stay out of debt. It really chaps my hide. This is our second car stolen. My third car broken into and our fourth one victimized. We were hit and run in our other car and it still bears the dent. But in all of this what can you do? It really is in God's hand and he knows just where it is. Mexico. Thats where our last car went. We are just glad to do our part for the American dream. I say that with a bit of sarcasm but I really hope and pray for the people who are using the car. I understand the desperate situation and I don't judge. I know they didn't take from us but from God as that car was going to Africa when we were done with it. Just pray we get it back and it is not to damaged. It is not a good time for us to buy another car right now, that is why we were waiting.

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