Friday, January 8, 2010

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Laws of nature have been broken. Both Gary and I are sick with two kids verging on sick. Normally only one parent, if any at all are supposed to be sick. What's up with that? Dec 2009

Abby "OH YA I am the first one to find Chicken in my chicken soup, look look a piece of chicken!, oh wait that is just a noodle." said of Campbells "chicken" noodle soup. needless to say we made our own with tons of chicken. Dec 31 2009

Abby just looked at me longing and said "mom you are perfect, no other mom is like you, no other mom knows so much about God and healthy eating, there is no mom like you and I love you" Dec 26 2009

I know it was a lot to ask so much of you but doubt is a luxery we can't afford now, you are stronger than you think you are. "Incredibles" :) the one who doubts is like a wave tossed to and fro in the ocean,...James 1 Dec 2009

Gary is playing bop it with niece he is trying hard to beat my score of 89, ahahhah never, but then again he does fly 757's and he says that is cooler than bop it. then why do I hear him playing the game?????

sin will take you further than you ever thought you would go but Jesus our saviour will take you further than you ever thought you could go. Trust in him today, Trust Trust Trust. Dec 2009

Abby came running from her bedroom and said "mom Nettie is licking the jam off her toes and she is not even eating the toast!" do I want to know about her "toe jam" ? probably not. Dec 21 2009

Judah said that he likes his name Judah becuause it means the LION of JUDAH and lions can take down anything, then after a few seconds of thinking he said he wishes his name could be THE T REX OF JUDAH. Dec 2009

Operation Christmas Child was a success, the kids did so amazing!! Good to see friends and family afterwards, house all decked out for Christmas, hot chocolate, laughter and cheese cake!!! A little home alone four and off to church tomorrow~! Dec 12 2009

gary is fixing our dryer so it blows warm humidified air into our house to save money. He also taught Abby part of Miley Cyrus, Boom Da Clap dance, he is a man of many talents. Dec 10 2009

bby went on a date with Daddy, she really wanted to go to Food City because she never saw the inside of it. I am on the computer and she runs in and says "surrender or die" and she is pointing a stick at me,when I finally looked over she threatening me with a sugar cane bigger than her. Go figure Food City carries whole sugar canes. Dec 10 2009

Judah "I got a nose so I guess I'll pick it". should be a bumper sticker if you ask me. Dec 10 2009

32.7 and it is Phoenix. !!!! I could snow!!! Okay it happened like twice in my lifetime and three times if you count the sprinklers coming on in the middle of the night and everything freezing in balls ont he cactus and rock. Dec 2009

Abby thinks she lives in a hotel, she asked me "Mom when will breakfast be served?" and the other day she told me she would like to order three pairs of matching socks. Dec 7 2009

Abby asked me for grits for breakfast, grits for a snack, and just now again she said she sure was craving some grits but whatever would be fine for her. dec 2009

Gary found a cheeseburger outside that has been sitting for quite some time out doors (don't ask) , looks the same as when it was purchased, the funny thing is that no bugs or birds or cats or any living thing even attempted to eat the meaty treat for the week it sat outside on our wall. Why are we eating it? Dec 3 2009

pray for me those who pray, my heart is all tangly today. Dec 2 2009

warm homeade sugar cookies, hot decaf dunkin doughnut coffee, Dennnis the Menice Christmas movie, 4 quiet kids and a husband that is cleaning the toilets, !!! Can life get better? okay he is taking a coffee break don't feel so bad for him. Dec 1 2009

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