Friday, January 8, 2010

Face book throughout the year, comments

We found Abby late last night, curled up in the hallway on tile piled with clean laundry from a a basket that needed to be put away, sleeping her little head off. She was right when she said she didn't want to go to bed, I thought I heard coughing in the hallway last night. :) so cute. Nov 2009

Can you believe I made rice crispy treats for the first time in my whole life?? 36 years and this was the first time. :) very easy they looked hard for some reason, why haven't I done this before? Nov 2009

Great Value Quick Grits for breakfast..... Semola de maiz de coccion rapida. :) Enriched white hominy. Kids in the back ground begging, momma make grits hurry I want breakfast!! Nov 2009

Had the best night, took my Nettie on a mommie daughter date to Ethiopian fund raising dinner, it was as always very good, met some very nice people. Although I missed the speaker, former Prime Minister of Ethiopia I totally support what he is doing. Nov 29 2009

A case for life, we just don't know and this life is not in our hands, in the instance of this baby that was not supposed to survive birth, yet his mom carried him anyway and now he has surpassed all expections. Abortion isn't the answer there is a greater social/faith issue. Nov 2009

mash potatos are done, cranberries are boiling and now I have to find bathing suites as Aunti Pam has heated the pool!!! love living in AZ. Nov 26

Shannon Doherty, Renee Zelwiger, and me are all getting visibly "older" I remember 90210? when did this happen? Nov 25 2009

caution gross things about to be shared. You know you homeschool when your daughter discovers that her scab is starting to come of in the middle of roman history and tells everyone that she has a good idea for a science project...... you can guess.... then makes the innocent observation that it looks like beef jerky. ... Nov 24 2009

Load up on vit D, get your vitamins, take coconut oil and Menuka honey and get healthy. The future virus that are mutating from the H1N1 are bad, vaccines won't help you, in the Ukraine there is a H5N1 that is spreading and nobody is even talking about it. Just did some resarch, regardless it doesn't hurt to be healthy. Nov 24 2009

Abby is six years old tomorrow. Ya, why does she still feel the need to eat dog food??? Anyone, insight?? I do feed her. Nov 24 2009

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