Friday, June 19, 2009

Thorns in Texas

Well we are nearing the end of our journey. We spent a blessed day in Shreveport LA, we were able to visit a butt kicking science center with our AZ membership, it was rated top six in the nation. The kids had a great time, they even got to pet an alligator, then we went to an air force museum for free the next day. I nearly passed out from the heat and was to going to the ER, but I think I was at that point having a panic attack. Gary prayed for me and I felt much better.

Funny story about our first R V park in LA, to put it shortly we ended up in a corn field and the Confederate flag was a flying high. We by the grace of God found another place. I will have to write more on that later. We are getting ready to leave Texas where we currently are. Abilene Texas to be exact. The sky is cloudy and it is our first taste of being back in the desert. I walked outside this AM and I stepped on several thorns. We are not in the lush green south anymore. Bummer. I only have a few minutes to blog. We are heading for New Mexico to spend a few nights in Las Cruses. Then home. Abby is the only one that really wants to return home.

A quick update is that we left Alabama several nights ago, stopped in Vicksburg Mississippi, toured a civil war battle field and then headed to Shreveport, LA had a great time like I said at the museums and headed to Texas, now we are on our way to New Mexico apparently there are a few museums free admission that tell of the history of the atomic bomb. I have to run because we are getting ready to leave and I have to make reservation at the good ol KOA, oh wait the kids just ran up to me and told me that there is a rodeo show tonight and it is only four bucks to get in. The kids are so excited, I guess Gary told them we are going to stay. I should probably go and talk to Gary who was off getting in the shower at the public shower. Apparently there is a cowboy next door to us that is practicing roping and I forgot to mention there is a rodeo college here in Texas where we are staying. I didn't know such things existed. I saw a sign for it that said "Reading Writing and Rodeo" I didn't know that kid was a rodeo guy, this morning I saw his boots sitting outside the cabin he was staying at so I took a picture because I really thought it represented Texas, haha little did I know. :) This blog is choppy as Gary's computer was dropped and the back space button doesn't work. My thoughts are scattered as the kids run all over and dogs keep getting loose. Better run for now, bugs are crawling up my leg and Sweetie just puked.

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