Friday, June 19, 2009

Rodeo in Texas

Well we did decide to stay for the rodeo, turns out we are here for the final night, today the top ten will be competing to see who wins. It should be fun for the kids. The three older ones are swimming in an icey cold pool while Judah naps. I am getting ready to get them but thought I would take this moment of silence to update. I can't tell you how I have missed the internet. I love KOA's they are so reliable and we know what we get. I missed the KOA's as we have tried many other kinds of RV parks and they simply do not measure up. Alot of them don't have WIFI and if they do they don't work properly, the laundry rooms can be dirty and not work either. With KOA you just know that everything is kept up and there is a standard in camping and RVing. You know that you will get a clean bathroom, laundry, and playground, internet, pool and sometimes more.

Anyway we took a little drive and by the way you must own a GPS to do this right. Wow the hassle it saves is amazing. We found an airforce base and watched B1 bombers fly in, took pictures of flowers and played on the playground before rough daddy had three kids in tears. So nice mommy promised icecream! We found Wendy's and Walmart, picked up a few supplies and found the arena for the rodeo tonight. There was one lady in the parking lot whose grandson competed but didn't make it to the top ten so she gave us her tickets! We simply stopped to ask her what time the rodeo started. I told the kids you should always try to be friendly with people. If you want to make friends you have to be a friend is our current lesson, that and don't jump on mom. Well I have to get the young en's ready for their first rodeo! New Mexico first thing in the morning.

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