Saturday, June 20, 2009


Well we are not going to end this vacation with the bang we thought we would. Gary thought he had to be back to work on Wednesday but actually when he checked just now he has to be back to work Monday at 6 AM!! We have been gone for 28 days and I could just keep going. Mason is in tears right now and I don't even feel like blogging because we are all so dissapointed that we have to come home sooner than we thought. Currently we are Las Cruses New Mexico, the sun is setting through the cactus, kids are playing in the pea gravel (no grass) We are only going to stay here for one night now verses two. We had sleds and were going to romp down the sand dunes and see the missle museum. Gary just returned them to the KOA. Mason is so upset. We will be back there is so much to see here in New Mexico, Carlsbad, Missle Museum, it is only 400 miles away and after five thousand miles and four weeks anything seems possible. Well after a five hundred mile drive we arrived here to relax

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