Saturday, June 13, 2009

Next Stop Vicksburg Mississippi....

I have truly been stranded without Internet service for some time now. I guess I just assumed that everywhere we went would have Wi Fi. Not. I will have to update with a copy of my journal when I can get to my own computer. Currently I am borrowing my sister in laws.

We spent one night in Montgomery, we said good by to our friends from Singapore, visited a few sites and celebrated Gary's birthday. More on all of this later.

Then we headed for Lake Guntersville State Park, AL where we were camped out for the last 9 days. Last night we stayed our first night in Huntsville AL with family. We are here for two more nights, heading for home Monday morning.

We have had an adventure that is for sure. We plan on taking 10 days or so to get home. Our first stop I think will be in Historic Vicksburg Mississippi, the site of a famous civil war battle. I don't know where we will go next. Time will tell I suppose.

I have so much to write, so much to catch up on. It is 11:14 here right now and I am short on sleep, a reoccurring theme throughout this trip. It is kind of weird sleeping in a house, my kids seem so far away even though they are just a room away. I have enjoyed our visit with family very much but I am also excited about what is next, what new things will we see? Total our trip will be about 26 days. It is to record the longest trip we have been on. I think only coming in second to our trip to South Africa (3 weeks) and maybe tieing with our motorcycle road trip to Maine at 24 days. I am glad our kids are finally at an age where we can do this again. I missed it so much.

Abby is having the hardest time about being away from home. She tells me she misses the big shower and her grandparents. I miss my friends and family too. I don't miss the normal responsibility of life, the pressures and stress but I guess it wouldn't be a vacation if you didn't have any thing to vacation from.

More later, we had a great time in Guntersville and I can't wait to write about it. Tomorrow we will kick off our goodby to Alabama with a trip to the Space and Rocket Center where they do space camp! Off for now, must update facebook...... (me zombie like)

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