Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well I woke up ready for my dear husband to be home but alas it wasn't to be. He was stuck in Hawaii and I was stuck with a pile of strange looking parts that was supposed to make a rocket. Oh Rocket Derby days and the cub scout patch that goes with it. I really like earning the patches, I mean I really like seeing Mason earn the patches. It really has become somewhat of a challenge. Anyway, with Gary not being home I was in a bit of panic so I called my neighbor asking to speak with the man of the house, he is very smart person and I was sure he was capable of building Mason a rocket. Well much to my surprise it was his wife and my good friend who loves to bake cakes and knit that was apparently the rocket expert! Who would have known? This post is to thank her for saving my bacon and getting a pretty cool rocket into the air. It was fun, I think we will invest in a rocket kit to get started. It broke my heart that daddy wasn't there for Mason. We called him and I heard Mason tell him that he overheard another boys dad telling him what great job he was doing and he wished that his dad was there to encourage him. HHHHHH knife in the heart. It is our life and I should be used to it by now.


  1. Yay for good neighbors that can bake and build rockets!

  2. That's great that your neighbor was able to help out. Daddy and Mason will have their time soon! Hang in there Kim :o)