Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rocket Derby days and other funness

These pictures are backwards, this was the last picture, after the second launch it kinda fizzled
Mason chasing his rocket

This is her, we named this rocket Aubrey in honor of the dear friend that rescued me from hours of reading instructions and most likely messing it up!

Mason getting ready to launch

It was very fun!

Pack 360 Rocket Derby days

Abby fell asleep with all her friends surrounding her, I found her like this.

in the same room I found nettie had taken her pillow case off and was sleeping in it.

The boy cry of the wild

boys will be boys, the random tribal scream we all love

belly bonking, so fun

Just thinking

First westside Ethio group play date, Mason and a new friend Wendanoggin (not the correct pronuciation of his name.)

netties severe dissapointment that I won't let her wear snow boots and carry a gold purse to go hiking.

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  1. Your kids are so funny! I heard about the play date at the park... sounds so fun. Poor Wendem getting stuck though.

    I see your kids like to run around with their clothes off, too :o)