Thursday, April 17, 2008

We got a court date!!!!!!!

MAY 15,

That is it!! May 15, we expect to travel four weeks after that so like June 15th. I am so excited. This makes waiting so much easier because I have so much to do like learn some Amarhic, decorate the kids rooms, that means going back to IKEA. This time Judah will stay with me. Okay much to do!


  1. Hi Kim & family

    Pleased you have a court date now! How exciting!

    Don't know what your plans are for Ethiopia, but if you would like a break in your journey like Gary did when he fetched Judah, you are most welcome to use our place as a stop-over...
    And of course we would be delighted to see you again and meet your new daughter :)

    Look out for us on skype as we would love to chat to you again soon!

    Rose (& John)

  2. how wonderful! do you have more pictures of her to share? she's so cute.