Thursday, April 17, 2008

IKEA-AFRICA sounds alike

So my littlest dear Judah was loaded into the car and ready for a big trip to Ikea. He met the trip with much anticipation in fact as I think about it he kept trying to get me off the phone and out of the house. I was wandering why he was so excited. Anyway after the hour long drive to IKEA we pull into the parking lot and he exclaims "I be first to hold sissy!!" I laughed so hard, I said "Do you think we are going to pick sissy up?" he shook his head with his finger in his mouth not really sure, he looked bewildered and I am sure he was thinking weren't we going to Africa? "Kinda baby, Ikea" they got some african looking things, non of which we purchased cause of the below blog post, I won't repeat the whole sorrid thing.

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  1. LOL, I can just see the bewildered look! How sweet that he is so excited!