Monday, April 21, 2008

My kids What can I say?

Our church meets in a school building and after church the church members hang out talking in the gymnasium. My kids were running wild, I called Mason over and I asked him to please do something constructive. I walked away to continue chatting and I looked over to see Mason push Abigail down to the ground, laugh and run to climb on the nearest thing to climb on. I excused myself and marched over to him, I got close to his hear and said "What are you doing?" with my teeth clenched. "Nothing mom you told me to do something destructive. " yes, what can I say?

Later that day I heard Abby talking to another four year old girl about heart attacks. I corrected her and told her to change the subject, so gladly she went on to talk platypus's. That night I told her over dinner that heart attacks are not good sugjects for four year old girls to be talking about. She replied "Mother heart attacks are very dangerous and we need to talk about them" again what can I say?

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