Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our day. :(

Well what started off innocently enough ended in a pile of poop, literally.

Ahhh freedom, Ikea shopping, did you know they have a child care? Ya it's great, you can leave your kids there for 90 blessed, splendid minutes. Uniterrupted shopping. ahhhhhhh bliss.


This was the first time my kids were all the right height, the right age and potty trained and actually wanted to go. Whoopeeee!

I checked them into the child care center and said my bi bi's. I wanted to call my friends and brag. Unfortunately my phone was almost dead. Shopping was great, I got what I need, I mean it is an hour away from my house so we had to make it worth it. I was decorating my daughters bedroom. Suddenly so close to the finish line, checkout. I am paged. It wasn't like a little buzz it was an annoying non stop beeping. I couldn't have just hid it in my purse and pretend it wasn't me. At last I left my cart of treasures near the check out line promising the guy I would be back. ya right.

Judah pooped. In his pants. A lot. It was a mess, a stinky yellow, mushy mess, and as I tried my best to clean the horridness that was, I finally gave up and threw his clothes in the garbage. Thankfully Ikea provides diapers, so that is how we left a very upset mom and three little ducks, one just stinky and diapered with no shoes. Please don't judge moms when you see them in the state I was in, you never know what they have been through. I had to go to Walmart so I found a pair of cheap shorts and got through that fiasco.

Anyway when we got home to find the dog had gotten into a nasty pull up as well. It just sometimes is not fun.


  1. Um, yeah, thanks for sharing ;-)

    Did you at least get to buy the stuff you stashed in line?

  2. Yea, my question exactly! Did you get your stuff?

  3. No!!! Judah stunk and I was mortified so I just left with a foul smelling kid in tow in a diaper that is too small, no shoes, cold sore on my lip I just felt yucky.

  4. I hate your trip to IKEA ended up like that, but I am fully aware of how it can!!! Did you get your things????