Monday, March 24, 2008

Almost 2 am

Well it is almost 2 am. We are still waiting, we were called up to the room of my sister but she still has a bit to go, after changing positions we are waiting. The midwife put it good, "sometimes we just have to use the tincture of time and patience" Isn't that the truth. Is there an adoption midwife out there to guide me? I need an adoption Doula. Maybe I will start a business after my own wait is done. I remember giving birth, the intense ancient sound of a woman in labor is melodic and haunting all at once. The sound of labor even in it's soft quiet tones is resounding. I wander how Judah was born and what his mom went through. I adopted him but another dear sweet woman birthed him and she is part of me in some inexpiable way.
My sisters youngest daughter, soon not to be, is watching TV. Her son is asleep, and her oldest daughter a teenager is resting. It was interesting to watch their reactions. One cried, one got sick in her stomach, the other sound asleep. The house is so quiet.

Home birth really is so amazing.

I thought I would want to do it again, and I do. But I know that this time is over for me, I hope watching my neice be born will help me feel better about letting go of birthing another child. My mom just came downstairs with a blanket wrapped around her. I think we are getting close. My dad is snoring on the couch, my other sisters are upstairs sleeping and my brother in laws sister is as well. We have two babies (cousins)that will usher in the newest memeber of the family, lovingly nestled in their mommas arms having made this journey five months prior, they are in a sense experts. Cute. They are sleeping as well but will be present for the big moment. I am excited, the lights are low and all seems very very well.

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