Monday, March 24, 2008

Welcome Annabella Jane!!!

4:23 My little niece was born. It was a long and hard labor for my sister but she did it and I could not be more proud of her. Annabella got stuck but was never in danger, although it did make for a long labor for my sister and brother in law. She never gave up, she stuck through it and the pain and delivered a very healthy and subdue baby girl with the biggest cheeks I have ever seen in my life. I listened at the door until the head crowned, we then got to come in and watch her be born. I am waiting on the weight right now, I think well over 8 pounds. It was amazing! There were times when the lump in my throat felt so big and my stomach felt sick, towards the end my whole body was shaking with anticipation. She was a big fat baby!! My sister will never feel stronger or more vibrant. Home birth empowers you to the fullest and when your body goes through such an ordeal it stays with you forever. The birth of Annabella will be evident in everything Janette does. She did it. While I listened at the door I wandered what lessons would be taken from this experience, what lessons can I learn? What lessons does God have about birthing something? I will have to think more on this, but in the mean time I couldn't help but pray and raise my hand as Annabella was making her entrance into this world, she has and will give glory to God. Remember baby girl some of the first words you heard was Grandma praying for you, the room silent, your mother reached down and touched your head with her hands shaking from exhaustion, she said "Is everyone here? pray " Let that be our motto our cry for the world for this time. "Is everyone here?Lets pray"


  1. That made me cry! Especially the, "Is everybody here? Let's pray." part. Beautiful.