Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And lead us not into temptation........

Haven't been feeling to well today, Gary finally got home after his trip was extended and pretty much I conked out shortly after he got home. I stayed in bed for a while until the sound of silence pierced my very soul and all my mother spidy senses were on full alert, somewhere, someone was getting in trouble. I dragged myself out of bed and went to where I could hear muffled voices behind the door. I unlocked it and found Abby and Judah covered in Swiss Miss powdered chocolate. They had an easy bake oven and pots and pans and water and yes an entire box of hot chocolate everywhere, the floor the beds, themselves. When I put Abby to bed tonight and I was snuggling in tight to her, I about choked on the hot chocolate still in her hair (apparently I missed this) She has a doctors appointment tomorrow and I will give her a bath or just say it is a new scent we are trying out. I document these things because I want to remember, I think I want to remember. I want them to remember anyway the things they put me through. I can hear some of you saying "Where was Gary?" My poor, tired husband was simply being a good dad and making dinner while I rested.


  1. Don't you love momdar? (mommyradar)

  2. mommy spidy senses---hahahahahaha! I've got them with my dogs, I assume I'll have them with my kid/s :-)