Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What Works for Me

Musinex for kids seems to do the trick for loosening a yucky cough.

What doesn't work

Musinex for kids, because while the cough is loosened having a wound up four year old girl lends to a different kind of sleep deprivation.

I am sitting with the prime example of one on my lap.

Abigail. It is 10 pm and she apparently is not tired. We wore boas and made sugar cookies, broke the TV and have talked about everything from robots to who she is going to marry. Actually if you know my daughter she doesn't talk to much but Musinex for kids seems to have loosened more than mucous, she is going mile a minute, shaking her feet and bouncing off the walls. She is like hammy the squirrel in over the hedge.

But it is cute, we must enjoy these moments. With every bite of the sugar cookie she nuzzled against me and proclaimed her love for me reminding me that I was the best mommy ever. She even said she was going to buy me a wedding ring to help me fight bad guys. I am honored.


  1. No sleep over here last night either! We had blow out diapers and puke, to boot!!

  2. oh sounds like so so much fun. we should call each other at night and talk then!

  3. A wedding ring to fight off bad guys? Hummmm, sounds like a great idea:)