Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kids don't try this at home.....

Kids do not try this at home. They don't listen.

Just now I hear a crash, bang and the following... whahhhhhhhhh!!!! Judah walks in limping and holding his head, while three guilty "older" children follow. Mason, being the designated speaker explained that Judah asked to be launched with a board into the air. Apparently it worked, story goes he flew 10 feet into the air landed in the rubber chips and hurt his head and foot. It took the three older kids to send him soaring but like I said it worked, and apparently Nettie got "lunched" too. Being the great mom that I am I peaked out just a few minutes ago to find them playing with a big plank of wood and even I with a great imagination couldn't conceive them launching one an other. The inspiration for this launch came from a show "Time Warp" where they take the science of motion and slow it down to really examine it. Mason said after the launching that the show said not to try it at home. Apparently Nettie was the first to launch and it was her idea. Ummm, go figure. Abby then said "Judah you are my hero you can fly!" with that the tears dried and the kids prayed for him in between giggling.

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