Monday, March 15, 2010

Moving right along....

Well life just happens. Ultrasound went well with the baby at 10 weeks, have one more at 12 weeks to do some testing, really the testing part doesn't worry me, I just want to see the baby again! I am hoping that at 13 weeks they can tell me what it is. Still feeling sick, trying to get over it. The exhaustion is brutal! I don't remember it being this hard. I got my blood work back but they said everything seemed fine. So I just need to trust in God and move forward. My sisters and mom are taking the kids on Wednesday so that will be a very nice break. We also got a new mattress, last night I slept much better! I am just going to jot down some funny things the kids said today so that one day we can look back and laugh.

Tonight Abby said that she wanted to make a list of things she shouldn't do when she gets older and put it in my treasure chest, so that when she is older she won't forget. Included on her list were things like "do not do drugs and do not smoke" I told her that God would guide her and be with her always and he would help her to remember not to do the wrong things. She told me that she has a bad memory and that God and a list would help her!

Mason is telling me all the time that he loves me and that he appreciates all that I do for him! He hugs me at dinner and is starting to realize how hard my job can be.

Judah and Nettie are doing well, they are very excited about homeschool and always beg me to spend time with them doing math and reading. I feel bad because I barely can take care of me right now so trying to meet everyone's needs is very hard. I can't imagine having more than five. I know we are done after this, unless God calls us to adopt when the kids are older, or at least some of them. At some point with this new baby I know she will be like an only child because of the age gap. That makes me sad. There is nothing I can do about that except adopt if that is in our future. I cannot be pregnant again, my body is worn out.

I still can't imagine this little one. I am looking forward to feeling her kick and move bout. Maybe then it will finally sink in.

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  1. Yay Kim! Your little one looks like a baby now--whoohoo :-)