Monday, May 4, 2009


I am writing this because I need to. It bothers me when Mason talks about dieing. I guess part of me knows that it is natural but man this is too much

He planned his whole funeral tonight. It was detailed and with a picture and a design down to the location. He wanted to be placed where we got married because that is where his family started. It is too detailed and deep to go into on this blog. I get so mad inside but I listen intently because of his nonchalance about it. He is not bothered one bit. Soooooo...... that makes me mad. I finally told him, "Look son, moms are not supposed to bury their kids so I will have none of that. I am going first and you can let your kids handle your funeral arrangements okay? anyway if you obey your parents God has promised a long life so do God's will and bury me when the time comes." He seemed okay with that too. On a lighter note, Abby who copies everything he does said she too wanted to be cremated but she wanted her ashes to go in an egg carton sitting on the counter top. Rolling eyes right now.

Later and as the night progressed Mason went from dieing to planning his wedding, he sang the song

"Here comes the bride all dressed and wide" man that makes me laugh! Watch out girls he is looking for a hefty lady!


  1. too funny - he might be singing the madagascar II song - "I like um big, I like um hunky, I like um big, I like um chunky".
    I think that is actually so awesome he doesn't seem to have a fear of dieing - oh to have a childlike faith!

  2. Oh Joy he does sing that song, I like em big, he sings it to me!! He does the whole dance and everything. :) Ya I have tried to teach them not to be afraid of dieing. we talk about heaven and who ever goes first is going to save a seat for the rest of the family at the big table God has prepared. At times I Have to choke it out, and try to hide tears even thinking of that but they receive it so well, to the point where they say they can't wait to die. I told them that God has given us a gift of life and we need to respect that gift open it and use it, and when that gift is done God will bring us home to a new life.