Monday, May 4, 2009


Ahhhh paradise.

Ahhhh paradise gone.

Back home to the work at hand. Judah and Nettie require constant attention and constant training. I realize this and yesterday was very hard for me. Adjusting once again to their needs and hurt. I look forward to the day when the waves don't hit so hard and I don't get knocked down so much. They had so much fun at my mother in laws house and apparently they were very well behaved, they did everything I have trained them to do so I guess that is a good sign. I just wish it were like that at home.

Speaking of Hawaii it was spectacular and such a God given gift, so many wonderful things happened that showed us how much God cares about the things we pray for and how much God wants to give us good things. Prayers sown in compassion are strong, fervent prayers when you pray with God's heart are effective.

I cannot imagine how the first Europeans felt when they landed on this island. The dancing, music, tropical plants that seem fake, I mean they must have been in awe. I was anyway.

We saw sea turtles, and snorkeled, little mongoose ran around wild and I need not fear snakes or mountain lions. The lava flow was nothing more than spectacular and the laid back attitude was astounding. Gary picked wild mango, Abby called him Mango man, and I didn't see too much disrespect for the land. I have a feeling Hawaiians are pretty proud of their Island and that respect trickles to how it is treated.

Plumeria's bloomed everywhere, beautiful petals were the only litter I saw. That and fermented fruit that little birds jumped around pecking. I saw one homeless person's shelter but even it seemed clean and peacful. They even let ferral cats run around, they build little house for them and catch them and "fix" them so that they don't go on reproducing. Cats were everywhere but they didn't seem to be a nuisance.

We really enjoyed our brief stay, it was refreshing to get away from the normal life. We ran across hurting people and happy people, one lady on the plane prayed for Abby and she didn't cough once in Hawaii or on the way home. In fact I would say she got better almost instantly from the beginning of what was a very long cold in our family. Just stuff like that, just prayers answered, just learning more of God, sitting in the quiet place. I will write more on this but I have to go and homeschool.

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