Friday, May 15, 2009

All the time

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I get told all the time that Abby looks like Dakota Fanning. The other day a lady at the Jack in a box drive through scared me to death when she started screaming! That was by far the biggest reaction I have ever seen so I am doing my yearly comparison. This is Datkota at 6 and Abby at five. It was funny because now she is getting to the age that she understands and we have been told this for a few years now. But the other day she said "Mom who was that lady that said I was Jehovah Raffa?" I was utterly confused until I understood she pulled another Abbyism withe her mixed up words, I laughed so hard. She meant to say Dakota Fanning.

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  1. Oh my goodness when I first opened up this window I though, "boy Abby looks so pretty in that dress. I wonder how Kim got her to wear it and for what occasion?" HAHAHAHA I never would have put the two together in my mind but seeing the comparision makes me a believer. She could be her twin!