Monday, July 7, 2008

First day swimming

She was hesitant at first. When we finally got her in the water she was thrilled beyond belief. Neither I nor Gary had ever seen anything like her reaction. I can't describe it and I wish I had video taped it. It was hilarious. She would put her face in the water and come up out of breath shaking like crazy, flailing about then finally a giggle so loud it could be a laugh. She was so thrilled she couldn't breath, the whole experience took her breath away. I had never seen a child so tickled in all my life. You can tell the feeling of being in water was so totally new to her. It was amazing. Within a few minutes she was swimming back and forth to Gary and I. This child is adventurous. She likes to make us laugh and she loves to please us. I am always in awe at the things she does and I just love to watch her. She is a master at sign language and really is good at telling us what she needs. Yesterday she begged me for injera. Poor baby. We are leaving for San Diego today and we are going to get Ethiopian food there. The kids are very excited to get to San Diego, they have done very well with all the attention poured on our newest. Abby said that when I found her in Ethiopia she was so hungry and was working in a garden, then I brought her home. She makes me laugh with her imagination although it drives Mason crazy. Judah and Mason need to run free for a bit, you can tell these boys have been pent up much to long, prisoner to this heat. We are getting Netty a razor scooter today and heading out of town. Judah got a serious hair cut. He has sensory issues so brushing his hair is constantly a battle. Gary tried to just cut it but he didn't like the pulling feeling of the clippers so we just shaved it off completely. He looks older now and his smile is huge now that he doesn't have hair. So showering all four kids was easier as I only had to do three kids hair! Netty has very soft curls and so her hair won't be as high maintenance as Judah's. I plan to just let it grow and be free. She doesn't mind having her hair brushed and she loves to do my hair. She sings her native songs and puts rubber bands in my hair. She is a pro at the side pony tail.

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