Friday, July 11, 2008

3 weeks

I have been netties mom for three weeks. It is hard to imagine as time has gone by very fast for me. I am currently at the cosiest place on earth to me. My trailer in San Diego. It is a 23 foot trailer and has all the amenities of home just miniaturized. I am sitting here in the dark connected to wirless internet, all four of my kids and my husband are sleeping just inches away. I am blessed. Today we went to on the ferry ride from Coranado Island to San Diego and then back. It was fun enough. I think we are going to the beach tomorrow. It is enought though to just hang out here under the giant shade trees enjoying the amazing cool weather. Judah actually complains often that it is too cold. We roasted marshmallows tonight and made smores. Nettie got so sticky and giggly. I am just loving her. She is chunky and uncoordinated, slightly clumsy and very jolly. She knows how to tattle and how to get out of trouble fast. She complains and tells her story just like the others, and some how we understand her. I think she is brilliant and will be incredibly talented as a performer or comedian. I have moments of grief for her parents having lost their child. I cry almost everyday as I am watching her and all her cuteness. I have a case of pink eye that worsens at night and I just hope the kids don't get it. I got some seriously cute pictures but I can't post them until I get home. We have one more night here and the real world awaits me. Hot temperatures, homeschool, piano, gymnastics, preschool, life. You know. Nettie models, when the camera is out she is hamming it up. She has a great sense of humor and is a little tease. She bosses Judah around and mothers him, he seems to like it. She has Mason wrapped around her finger and even had Abby playing pretty ponies with her. It is great she is great. It is like God just answered my prayers straight from my heart.

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  1. kim....i'm so happy for you! please call when u get a chance. i want to see you!