Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yahoo we got some news!!!

Okay we got a bit of news today about Nettie Grace, and several pictures!!! I couldn't be happier! She was wearing my little necklace I bought for her and bracelet and playing with the doll I got for her. It was so wierd to see my girl wearing the things I was able to have delivered to her. She also had a little doll with her that she must carry around, how cute. My Abby likes daddies hat, soccer balls and rainbows but not dresses and dolls. She is adorable and in 18 days I will post a picture of her. I think there is still more information on her coming, she is tiny, personable, smiley and comfortable with people. She looks like a size 3 t, so you can imagine. Okay off to bed now.

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  1. That is great you got new pictures of your little girl!!!