Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Sister Is Having a Baby!!

Yes actually right now, my younger sister is having her fourth baby! She is doing a home birth and we are at my moms house waiting just a few minutes down the road until we get the call she is ready to push, then we get to go down to her house and be there when little Annabella Jane is born.

I am proud of her because I also did a home birth with Abigail, and I wish that I had the chance to do another one but God has taken me down a different path. Adoption. But I am a big advocate of home birth and I have never actually been present when a baby was born so this will be exciting as long as she doesn't change her mind. I have been waiting at my moms house since noon and now it is almost 10 pm.

Her contractions are about 2 minutes apart. I miss my kids they are all at my mother in laws house so that I can be ready to go at a moments notice. Gary is on his way home from a Seattle turn and well he just called. Kids are doing great on the way home from Gary's mom house. I will write more later.

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