Tuesday, March 11, 2008

God's Comic Relief

Well just when you think the crazy's are knocking the Lord make you laugh. He uses your kids, kids are good for so many things but they are really good for a laugh. Let me start off by saying my house has never been so messy. Okay now that that is out of the way I shall go on.

We got a karaoke machine so that I could practice my testimony and speaking into a microphone. Well Mason got a hold of it tonight and preached his first sermon, he stood on a chair and just let us all have it. At one point he tucked the microphone in his shirt and preached on everything from the shield of faith, the lion that comes to steal kill and destroy, in between chastising us for not watching him he would say "1,2 3 eyes on me" He was asking questions pertinent to his sermon and keeping us engaged. He often switched from the plight of the manta rays to having faith and testing. Then back to how God wants us to care for His universe and the story of Jonah, by the way Jonah was in the belly of the whale for three million years. I have to give it to the kid he had all the scriptures to back it up (well except the Jonah facts) I used to think I could never do as good as my father with teaching my own kids about God. My dad seemed, and is so wise and knew the answer for everything about God. He always gave good sound scriptures to back it up and in between my teenage eye rolls I learned something. I have always wanted to be like him, a good teacher. Well tonight I see that my kids have learned something. It hit me and I watched Mason pick up an orange (yes there is a box of oranges in my living room I told you my house was a disaster) and said "you know even this orange worships God" I thought to myself, I know the scripture to that. I waited. He said "You know if we don't raise up to praise God he will cause his own creations to, like the rocks and trees and all of his creation even this orange" Yesssssssss! He knows it and he gets it. I realized he is learning and like my dad, those hours of speaking scriptures even when you think they are not listening, they are.

Now onto what were Abby and Judah doing during this long, very long sermon? They had discovered the joy of sculpting Styrofoam. Yes they took the Styrofoam the karaoke machine came in and sawed and cut for an hour, feverishly with great intent and more importantly, quietly. Then they gathered up the millions of pieces around the floor in little zip lock baggies that for some reason they were so proud of. I don't get it, but if I could be that content cutting and storing Styrofoam in baggies for no reason, I wouldn't be blogging about how stressed out I am up at 3 am. Hence the reason my house is so very messy right now. What was I doing, avoiding cleaning and checking emails as feverishly as the Styrofoam cutting crowd to see if I had any news from a far away country. You know something else, Styrofoam is very hard to clean up, the little balls stick to you and run from the vacuum cleaner. I have done this a few times. (me shuddering) They seem prone to static electricity and just come alive when you touch them. Do you know Styrofoam likes to stick in mini Afros? just food for thought, not as bad as oatmeal in Afros.

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  1. Hi Kim

    Great to see you back online! Enjoying all the antics of your kids! Hope to hear good news from you about Ethiopia soon.

    Love to you all,
    Rose & John.