Monday, January 14, 2008

What Happens at the Grocery Store Does Not Stay at the Grocery Store

Well if you have ever in your life taken three or more kids to the grocery store, no need to explain the above picture. If you haven't then let me tell you, don't. This is the food my kids "bought" while I wasn't looking.

Now not to disclude parents of one child or two this has happened to me at every stage and with every child, (Julia your not going to get out of this!)

The first time was with my oldest, he was 3. I found a giant pomegranate candle and a huge bag of beef jerky. You can imagine my surprise when I was putting groceries away. A joyful Mason claimed them and told me he "bought" the candle for me. I looked at the receipt and the jerky alone was 15 dollars!!

Now Abby has done this too, she "bought" a pack of "pies" (smuckers uncrustable peanut butter sandwiches)

But today for the first time they both had a hand in the shopping and you may ask "How could you not notice?" my answer to you is, well I don't have an answer. I have a theory, bear with me.

Abby going in and out of the cart, taking her shoes on and off, sitting down in the middle of the isle to do so. (would not let me help her)

Mason hanging on the cart, off the cart, under the cart on the side of the cart. (no I don't allow this so hence the 15 shopping disruptions)

Judah in my purse, putting a toy in taking it out, whining all the way, he didn't actually "shop" but I think his part in the little plan was distracting me.

Come to think of it, I vaguely remember scanning a box of juice, but for the rest, seriously I don't even know how it got to my cart. The kids "helped" me load the items on the conveyor belt and after that it was history. Free and clear. We don't even eat Rice a Ronni.!!