Sunday, January 13, 2008

Embarrassing Moment 1

Well( it )happens enough times to be bloggable, so I have dedicated a label to "Embarrassing Moments With My Kids". This is officially number 1.
We were in Home Depot (hate that place) getting paint for my husband. I , being the very intelligent woman that I am, didn't bring a cart to the paint section. (I was not thinking ahead) When the nice gentleman mixed the 4 gallons of paint for us I realized I couldn't carry the load, but I being the resourceful mom I am, decided to put my kids to practical use by letting them each carry a gallon of paint. (I know, I know). Anyway, I was aware that people were already staring at us, so I made even a bigger production about it, kinda showing off what a great mom I was. "Oh okay kids, let me see your muscles, wow!! okay who is going to be mommies biggest helpers?, okay lets go," In between looking up the staff ,smiling and squeezing the (tiny) muscles on my kids arms looking like a show off mom with the "my kids are the cutest around and I am the best mom every" We proceeded to leave the area, each small child (3,4, and 5) straining aganist the full cans of paint, when ..... (now some of this is blurry), I looked behind me and Abby was standing, mortified, in a oozing puddle of sandstone : 765342. My heart stopped, and before it restarted Judah had run through it, sloshing paint on me and leaving cream foot prints behind him. The thought did occur to just run, but I am 34 I had to stand and take the hit. Well everyone rushed to my side after I yelled for help, while I stood feeling like the biggest dope in the world, I told them I would just give them some money and go, but the nice man said he would get me another gallon of paint. So I had to stand there for 10 minutes, while everyone cleaned our mess and the line grew longer and longer at the paint station. Embarrassing.

I thought I should be a reporter because my second instinct after "run" was "blog" so I am. Lucky for me, I had my camera phone and I quickly snuck a picture of the poor lady cleaning our mess. Poor lady if you ever read this know that I am so very sorry.


  1. ok- that is funny however my question is... how did the can of paint get opened anyway to get spilled? It normally takes a crow bar to open one. So would this be the stores fault? That is how you can spin it. haha

  2. oh my kim!

    how funny, in a poor you kind a way. to make u feel better, i would probably to the same thing...


  3. I can't wait to read about embarrassing moment #2.

    I'm laughing so hard right now, I'm sorry it's at your expense.....