Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where the Dickens is my camera!!!!

baboobug, I can't find it anywhere and we, meaning Suzanne did up Nettie's room!!!  So we will have to wait for her to post the pictures, although since then I have added a few things.


Quickly, my Nettie is a doll and tonight was her night!!!  It was her night to snuggle with me and we did so in her newly, thriftily decorated room.  Talk about making a little's girls dream come true.  All the night she kept telling me that she loved me and thank you and what a great job Suzanne did and how she was so happy that God gave her a mom, (she is adopted so there is much talk about missing family and such)

As we laid in her "heart, love" theme room (perfect fit for her) she said  "mom ya know what the favorite part of this room is to me?"  long pause,  "YOU!" and she leaned over and laid a big juicy kiss on my lips!  She was so grateful.  She said the room made her feel safe and she repeated that over and over.  For under 50 bucks we were able to create a masterpiece that means the world to this little girl.  Suzanne you rock and God has given you a gift go and spend it girl!!!

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