Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thursday Farm Tid bit

I have a confession to make.  I have never grown anything worth eating.  Well once last summer we grew a strawberry.  Yes just one small strawberry and we split it between 6 excited people.  (it wasn't even good)  After that, well our garden died.  Yes we lost her even after hours of researching how to pollinate zucchinis and my husband q tipping the stamos of a male plant and adding it to a female, all while making bee noises. (which by the way I was mildly uncomfortable with, not the bee noises, the sexual nature of the pollination. blush)    A few years before that we spent a fair amount of money of tomato plants and peppers.  I let them die.  I don't think I was ready back then to care for the tomato plants.  I don't know,  it seemed at the time too much to handle.   (see this is the attitude that scares me about myself.) 

Anyway getting into this gardening thing is a bit more complicated than I thought.  For instance, after we planted our four grape vines we read that you should build a trellis  first.  ooops.  Then that led us to Youtube videos of pruning grapes and training them to go where you want.  Seriously??!, I can barely do that with my kids, now I have to train grape vines?  Ya right, the grape vines are probably going to talk back and be rebellious and leave toilet paper all over my bathroom floor. 

The whole thing left me scared and a bit insecure.  Not to mention, our fruit trees.  The bugs involved with eating certain leaves, making sure the graft doesn't take over, watering them, and making sure they are planted near the right trees that help with pollination.  I don't have a clue.  Notice how I added watering them as a complicated thing?  See that scares me.

So when approaching the planning of the garden I am a trembling mess.   There are rows going certain directions and spaced with very technical numbers, ( really just inches and such, but it seems so intimidating) and different seasons and the latest thing I just learned, companion planting.  That is when you plant complimentary plants next to each other to maximize soil and limit insects.  It is all very technical.  That ain't my thing jelly bean.  So here is something I found that helps.

Mother Earth News Garden Planner

The first 30 days are free so you can get on it and go crazy, then you have to pay.  But still I think it is worth it  as it is a no brainer really on how to get  your garden planned.  It even tells you the companion plants as you are clicking and dragging those adorable tomato icons.  It tells you the space you need, how big the rows are and how much you can plant.   It is like the garden training wheels. 

At least now I can mess up online rather than spending hundreds and getting it all wrong.  So far I am on my third online garden.  I am getting better as I go thanks to this garden planner and of course Mother Earth News.


  1. oh my word yes.
    i have tried like nobody's business, and ... failed miserably.
    i was just going to do pots this year... but... maybe. just maybe...

  2. check it out!! it takes a few minutes to figure out how to navigate, but lets try!! and then blog about it!! lol.

  3. Oh oh oh thank you so! It will be another month or two until I can plant...but I LOVE to start planning (ie daydream about all the stuff I will probably not get around to planting/doing.) My first few gardens were a complete wreck...keep planting. It will improve. Unless of course your hubby runs off with a zucchini...just sayin.

  4. Ha, ha! Kim, I am a serial killer when it comes to plants, too. After reading this, I might just have to let my new dream of having a veggie garden, die. This sounds way too complicated...and the virual gardening is no consollation to me. That sounds even harder. ;-)

  5. ahahahahha runs off with a zucchini!!!! seriously lol!! and Suzanne you make me laugh, don't let your dreams of veggies die!!! lets have coffee and dream together of how we will kill a bunch of unsuspecting plants!