Friday, April 22, 2011

Honest Truth

Fell asleep big time last night.  This no carb diet is kicking my but, or maybe it is just life in between moves and five kids and two houses that need repair, with a husband half here and a baby that is over the top clingy.  I have lost all sense of humor and my funny bone is broken in need of repair.

 Dogs are puking.


Okay done complaining.

Out to the farm today to do some work and visit with my sister.  Gary filled in the giant caved in gopher hole as required per our loan.  We forgot to order irrigation.  Hand watering the plants is tedious.  I NEED to plan the garden.  I feel like we are buckling down for summer.  Here in the desert going outside between 8am 8 pm is not an option.  For now here is a some pictures of our last little visit to the house, the girls decided to have a tea party on the floor. 

It is nice with no TV there as the kids have to find things to do.  At this point they are complaining that going out there is boring.  I really hope to find a way to shift their attitudes before the big move in a month.  There is so much work to do they all need to help.

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