Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So after 30 years of dreaming about life on a farm, 12 years planning for it and 1 desperate year of searching, bidding, hoping and praying for that perfect home on the perfect piece of property.... my uncle calls and offers us a house. The old farm house I grew up in.

I had never considered this home an option, unlike my five sisters I didn't feel particularly attached to the farm. I had always hoped it would go to a good natured owner when it was time, but it wasn't going to be me. I had places to go and people to see that didn't include my past. There is a whole big world out there and a future that is unwritten and new adventures galore. The thought of moving back to the house I spent years 9-18 and 19-20 and 23-24 and 26-27 (I moved in and out several times don't judge me) was just too much to bare.

But never the less here I am, in my parents, ehum, my house. I could say I didn't get far in life and it kind of feels like it at times. Until I stop to think about it. I have been around the world, to Africa and back two times, all over the USA both by land and by air. Nearly everyone of my dreams have been fulfilled and I am not yet 40. I have 5 beautiful children that have taken me both physically and mentally to the edge of the world and that journey alone should cancel any stinking thinking that my life hasn't gone anywhere.

In about 2 months we will pack up our belongings and say goodbye to the house and the neighborhood we have spent the last 10 years in and head out west on that long journey, a whole 20 miles north to the farm. (which has never been by the way a farm, that is just what we called it all these years, we are talking virgin property.)

Technically I haven't gotten very far, if you base your calculations on a physical map. But if there were a map of souls you could pull mine out of that dusty glove box, unfold it's crinkly soul paper, stretch it out and you would see that I am quite the world traveler, a master of miles, a seasoned sojourner, and a little bit dramatic.

So this is it. My first post in what I hope to be many chronicling the misadventures, mistakes, and lessons we learn along the way.


  1. I am so excited for you!!!! You truly have the heart of a traveler, but to give the children your roots is too awesome. I hope you can look back & see God's hand though this past year with every single closed door, He knew what He had in store. You are going to have so much fun!!! BTW, when you make butter I have a troop of 2 year olds that would love to help ;)

  2. absoulutely Renne!!! that would be fun.