Saturday, May 22, 2010

OH the Going On's of the B Family

Much has transpired since my last post. MMMM lets see, going to change Serenity's middle name to Hope or Joy or Love. Gary felt her kick today as well, he was tickled pink! This little girl moves all day long! I have never had a baby want to move so much. She kicks and turns and feels like a frog inside of my belly. She seems to respond to Gary's voice as well, and when I eat or lay down she is on the go.

We have acquired two new members of our family, Kiwi and Cockaroo, a Lovebird and a Cockateil. They are both noisy messy and adorable. We are so proud of Mason for training his naughty Lovebird, Kiwi. He worked for a few weeks building trust and now she is too cute for words, minus she bites often. She likes to go into his sleeve, take baths in his hands and now finally hops onto his finger. She climbs all over him and seems to have ADHD. She is the only bird I know that could hang on his shoulder while he makes a myriad of strange noises and dances. Currently she has climbed down the front of his shirt in the quest to find the entrance into his shirt, goal being the sleeve under his arm where she gets real cozy, settles in, then bites the heck out of the soft part of his underarm. She also doesn't let anyone get near Mason and threatens to bite them when they do. Abby's cockatiel is not so adventurous, in fact he looks more like a scrawny chicken. Granted he is a baby but he is perfect for Abby, nice and slow, very calm.

We were going on vacation but since decided to stay home. Money being an issue, the bills have started coming in for Mason's arm and it is just isn't a good time to get away,not to mention he can't do much with his arm. He did however get the pins out on the 20th, I have to admit it was gross and he freaked out. He shivered with fear and completely lost it. I can see he is still traumatized by the whole thing. Perception and temperament are incredible things. Poor Abby went with us and hid behind a gurney as Mason screamed in fear. She tried so hard to make him laugh and was nearly on the verge of tears as they took him for yet more x rays. She, like always held back and just swallowed hard, leaning into me. Which in the end made me cry watching her try to be so brave. So he has 4 more weeks of a cast and then hopefully we are done and can get back to normal life.

Abby and I both had to have skin biopsy's and luckily both came back benign. To get Abby to get the skin removed I had to bribe her with a DS game. She tried to bargain for two but Dad wouldn't tolerate this type of parenting so she got one. We had a nice trip to Walmart just her and I. I got her to buy underwear and socks but she has yet to wear the undies.

Our family has been trying to do more things now that the kids are a bit older. Gary found a lot of free things in the state to take advantage of. We went to the Desert Botanical Gardens and saw the butterfly exhibit. One butterfly landed on Mason and stayed there for 30 minutes. The other kids were horribly jealous. Abby was really into bird watching and charted every little creature she saw with her paper and pencil. Judah and Nettie were still a bit young and while I think they enjoyed it they were pretty tired. Nettie sat down in exhaustion and I asked her "Well how old are you little old lady?" and she said without a blink "26!" that is about right.

We took a trip to the art museum as well. The kids did great I was very happy with them. It was very enjoyable. Today we took advantage of Lowe's kids day. The kids got aprons and built catapults. It was free and very cute. Monday Abby starts soccer so she is stoked. Mason has decided that he no longer wants to be a sniper but a country singer. I am slightly relived. :) Judah is really into trucks, big surprise there, but now he is memorizing all the makes of the big rigs. Gary digs that big time and has made it a game driving on the highway.

Abby lost her tooth 2 days ago. Of course she wouldn't let us pull it out it came out rather on a cheese stick. When she came into our room a while later she said "So can you give me my bucks?" I told her "Don't you want to put it under your pillow?" Her response was "Oh come on I know you guys pretend to be the tooth fairy, I just want my bucks, 100 bucks." I said "Don't you want to pretend there is a tooth fairy?" "NO, just give me my bucks.", well ... later we went to Rubio's to celebrate the last day of school and she requested a Coke. She wanted to stick her tooth in the Coke to watch it rot, a science experiment as she told me. So much for being sentimental. Netties tooth is also loose, and she cannot wait to loose it.

Mason graduated the next level of cub-scouts, becoming one of the most decorated kids in his pack. Abby also graduated Daisy scouts and is moving up to Brownie. Nettie started Daisy's this year and she is so excited.

We are focusing on the kids behavior and I fear we are entering into uncharted territory with our oldest. Gary has had a substantial amount of time off and when he goes back to work it will be quite strange.

Off for now, kids need to go to bed.

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