Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Walmart across the country

Well it is 10 pm, Gary is at Walmart in San Antonio picking up the things I forgot. I am so mad because I vowed I wouldn't go to Walmart on this trip!! Can't seem to get away from Walmart. Well at least I can brush my teeth now.

We logged over 600 miles today landing in San Antonio, the Alamo state. It was muggy and since we are at the KOA right by the river there is an abundance of blood sucking insects. The dogs are getting used to the travel thing, I even found Sweetie sitting on the dash board of the Suburban.

Today was mostly uneventful. I have only used the DVD player 1 time, the kids are doing so good. Netsanet asked me today if she could watch the "Princess and the Crack" What she meant was "The Nut Cracker" :)

We arrived at the KOA a little past 7 pm, the kids road their bikes and played on the typical old fashioned KOA play ground, wooden merry go rounds, metal structures and all around tall unsafe toys. They had a blast. Well I have to cut this short because Judah is all over the place, and I cannot even describe how that is in a 23 foot trailer. Lets just put it this way, this little trailer looks much like my house, dirty dishes, dirty floors, and toys everywhere. I guess the adage is true, "You can run but you cannot hide".

On a different note, Abby thinks Texas is beautiful. She is a doll who can really find the pretty things in life, just like Gary. This morning, in New Mexico she put her chair on the picnic table overlooking the Vally and watched the sunset. I have pictures of all of these things but guess what? I forgot the cords to down load them into Gary's computer.

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