Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In Response to Mothers Day Mayham

After my tell all post, I had several people, mostly moms share with me that their mothers day were not all they had hoped for. But it was this letter to me from a long time friend that made me really smile. He is not a mom, but a dad and I can really appreciate his point of view. :) I say we vote John B. "King of mothers day!"

"If I were King, I'd designate one day every week as Mom's Day Off, to recognize the ones who give so much of everything they have, every other day of the week, to their families with grace and fortitude. On M.D.O., you would get waited on hand and foot by the rest of the family, or just left alone for some peace & quiet, if you wish. Children would be required to remember and recite at least 10-15 things their mother's did for them the previous week and say "thank you" with a hug. Pampering, maternal decompression, and restfulness are the order of the day. Movie theatres, Spa's, and eateries of all kinds would offer a 90% discount to mothers on M.D.O.. A large assortment of bath treatments would promptly arrive at your doorstep (delivered by a sexy UPS driver, naturally) for your use. I could go on and on, but you get the idea; Mom's deserve way more TLC than they usually get.

Now, I don't want to get on a rant here, but indulge me for a paragraph.... Hallmark is kind of evil, I think - using a careful construct of psychology (in the form of guilt), mass media bombardment, and an array of insipid, stupidly-written cards and gifts that (most of the time)replace substance, heartfelt talking/passion, romantic originality, and imagination. I think it amounts to preying on people's emotional and/or relational shortcomings - All in the name of a multi-billion dollar business enterprise. As an average absent minded guy myself, I admit to getting burned a time or two on this Hallmark day or that (Valentine's Day is one I don't particularly like, especially when we have wedding anniversaries to remember our spouses). Sadly, as our society progresses toward a nanosecond cultural mindset, I suspect more and more people will submit to things like Hallmark out of convenience or the unwillingness to creatively use their brains to unselfishly communicate love, to apologize, offer sympathies, or just plain express themselves about anything."

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