Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Abby

Last night Abby told me that she wanted to be a new Abby and she was tired of being the old Abby, she said that it would be nice if she could loose a tooth or something or get some braces or break an arm. She is five.

I have four kiddos and not one of them has yet to loose a tooth. Mason didn't get teeth until he was 15 months old. Abby was a bit sooner at 9 months, Nettie and Judah came with teeth, although Judah's really started coming in when he got proper nutrition. Mason is now 7 and it is not even close. I guess it's good because that means he can will have better adult teeth with less cavity exposure. My guess is like with riding the bikes, Mason and Abby will loose teeth at the same time, possibly on the same day. As for Nettie and Judah I have no idea.

We will not do the tooth fairy, I do know that, we will make it special but something unique to our family some kind of tradition that means something to us, something original. Any ideas?

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