Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally surrendered to the dreaded scheadual

Well last night I finally did it. I made a schedule. Oh gack, the horror. ! This is not my comfort zone at all but more and more I find to homeschool and run this house it is going to have to be tight, no leaks. I am pretty much a single parent half the month and I am finding it to take it's toll. I think if the kids know what to expect then we can better stay on task.

So far I haven't actually done it yet. I would require me to get up at six and wake the kids at seven. I don't ever wake my kids up, I let them sleep. In my defense though I took a night time cold pill because I felt a horrible head infection coming on and I am still groggy. So here it is nine and we haven't really started our day. I do manage to get everything done but I think to be more efficient it will have to be better planned. Life is getting to busy and complicated to just "wing it" anymore. I guess this transition is not so different from when I realized I had to "cook" dinner every night. When the Mason was little and just ate baby food I didn't have worry about that. I guess this is part of life and homeschool.

I am assigning chores, requiring beds to be made, doing an AM clean up and a PM clean up with one "quick clean" during the day. Family time will be added as well as a strict homeschool day. So I will let you know if this hedonist can change.

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