Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HaHa I had the remote control!!!!!!

Poor Gary was subjected to my power over the TV tonight. What did I choose to watch? How about this fascinating documentary on Free Birthing, for those of you who are not enlightened do allow me to explain....

Free Birthing is basically totally unassisted birth at home. No midwife, no doctor, nothing! I know crazy and I gave birth at home but..... interesting, as most crazy things are interesting. Anyway I thought my poor husband was going to loose it when this larger women, completely pregnant and well, not wearing clothes, was shown giving birth (plopping a baby) while her "partner" looked on. I put the show on pause so that I could catch my breath I was laughing so hard. Not at the woman of course, I have deep respect for anyone brave enough to pop out a baby with no help and then clip it's cord and take total charge. I was laughing at Gary's reaction, you should have seen the horror on his face while he begged me to turn it to the military channel. He did however draw the lines on the following documentary "The Pregnant Man" He grabbed the remote and I let him feel manly again by watching "Fight Club" so with enough good ol' fashion violence, blood and fighting he was at peace and ready for sleep. No nightmares for him. I can't say the same thing for me as that movie was disturbing.

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  1. I bet the show was pretty cool. So you delivered at home? Wow, that takes guts!