Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Pictures

I posted pictures on www.livingloveoutlould.blogpot.com

Here is the latest Abbyism.

In light of Judah's recent diagnosis, I thought I better take some time for myself on a regular basis. You know get away and just try to regroup. I decided to go with Tara and work out at our local gym regularly. In our family we often talk about being healthy and eating the right foods. Although late at night I do eat chocolate if it is around.

Anyway..... I was getting the kids out of the car and Abby began to explain to Nettie very slowly and loudly and in simple English.

"Nettie you stay Mason Abby Judah, Mommy go to Exercise Mommy got Big Fat Belly, Mommy go exercise so Big Fat Belly go away" I stood there looking at her with my mouth open, Mason saw the look on my face and said "Abby mommy is not fat! Mommy is big and beautiful!!" Then he looked at me and told me how beautiful I was.

Everyone should have a son or two.

Of course Abby meant no harm she is just being factual.

I actually am not exercising to loose weight this time around. I am doing it for my heart.


  1. I love your Abbyisms. How funny! You just never know what kids will say! Rebecca

  2. note to self- never read Kim's blog whilst sipping anything. it will end up coming through my nose.