Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Day

Well my day is often filled with many things including things you say out loud that just strike you as weird or things you hear others say outloud.

For instance When I had to ask who stuffed the toilet paper in the sink to make it flood. Then Mason tells me "Oh no that isn't toilet paper it's bread, Abby did it." Ya thanks for letting me know when she was doing it. Now does anyone know what to do with it?

And when you hear your husband yell down the hall

"Someone pooped in our toilet and didn't flush it!"
Then down to the only other bathroom we have only to report a few seconds later
"someone pooped in this toilet and didn't even use toilet paper!"

It is like the three bears, just much grosser.

Abbyism for the day.

Abby literally squinted when she saw my tummy revealed while we laid down for bed time stories. It is not that she has never seen my stomach, it must have been the lighting. She told me my belly was very white and it hurt her eyes so she covered them.

She had a terrible rash (which gives clue to the one not using toilet paper) and Gary asked if I had diaper cream anywhere, hummmm..... I don't think so. Then Abby hollers she does, she reaches under her bed and pulls out my make up bag. The little stinker stole it and hid it under her bed. She says she is a secret agent and apparently her friends know she is a secret agent. I sure wish she had let me in on the whole thing. I have been finding things under her bed for some time now. Mason's tool box, his power rangers, Judah's cars and Netties dolls. I knew she sneaked the other kids things but now she has sneaked into my stuff. Tonight I found her jewelry box under her bed with all my jewelry in it. She said it was sad that her jewelery box only had one barrette so she took my necklaces to fill it up. Abby has been sneaking things for a while now. The items are getting more risky and larger.

These are just snap shots of my day. I had to laugh at myself tonight as we recorded the kids and Gary doing the Nija Warrior obstacle course in our back yard. There was laughter and arguments and all kinds of kid noise. We played it for them while they ate dinner and it was funny because I couldn't tell what was the recording and what was real time. I had to just think what a fool I was, because just their four combined voices in hyper drive makes me a bit coo coo for co co puffs but to have it in stereo was like doubling their power. It was like 8 kids acting loony.


  1. Oh how I love you daily antics. You always have a way to find humor in things:)

    Can you believe your daughter is actually home?!

  2. I loved hearing about the make up!! How cute, and yeah, no wiping leads to rashes and hurting bottoms, Had that talk with Heidy!