Thursday, June 12, 2008

okay Okay

Alright, I have had my moment of lolly gagging. I am nearly packed and have let some of my little things go that I was thinking should be done. It is sad the only time the house or car is clean is when I am expecting something big to happen. It is sad when your husband says "Wow our bathroom is clean, we should adopt all the time" So that is when you know you have a problem. So with that being said I am giving up on the idea of loosing weight, learning another language, becoming mother Theresa, cleaning my house, painting the walls, and cleaning the blinds. Now it is just enough to get Netsanet on our travel benefits and to by stand by tickets for us. So I am going to show up at the airport and not really know if I am leaving. That is so hard for me. I can't even think about leaving Ethiopia, I don't even know if I am getting there. So I am just about ready, the list plays out in my head like a broken record of all the things I need to do, it screams at me at night, wakes me up in the morning, nags me all day. But each day I get a bit more done so at least I feel like I am moving ahead. Currently I am on the phone with the Visa processing center to make sure that her visa has been processed. I got her birth certificate the other day so that is really really good. So far so good. Well I am on the phone currently on the phone with USCIS, they have not received any information on my visa being sent over, well did I expect anything less? They are being very nice to me so that is good but I am concerned, better to head these things off sooner while I am here in the USA and have some control. I don't think they are used to people calling about these things. Okay well I shall update when I know something. Okay well I contacted my local USCIS office we will see, just something else.

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  1. I thought my hubby was the only one who used the expression 'lolly gagging.' LOL