Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

I am leaving. I am really going to do it.


For over 2 years I have waited for this moment. Now I think I have built it up so much in my mind it is unreal to the point of I can't imagine.

Gary will be blogging for me his side of the story, home with 3 kids for 10 days. That should be interesting and make for good reading. Gary usually finds a way to tease me and most the time it is relentless, he does this with the kids as well so that should be fun.

There are a million things to worry about but I can't even go there. The top ones on my list are:

The piece of metal from the cheap IKEA beds that is hanging under Abby's bed. Yes what if she crawls under it and pokes her eye out!

My bathroom door and the boys bedroom door. Gary must just remove the whole entire door locks because Judah has hung on them so many times they broke and now if you shut the door you will get locked in. I know because Judah locked me in my bathroom today and me and the kids all got locked in the boys bedroom the other day and I had to yell out the window for Gary to rescue me.

Snorkeling: Gary will take the kids to my mother in laws pool and let them snorkel. This just freaks me out but what can I do? There is all kinds of things to worry about with snorkeling I can't even go there.

The zoo: sounds innocent but there are a million things to worry about, the play area is not safe and it is hot and there is water in the form of fake lakes and three kids and well you know.

Those make my top list. If I had it my way they would lock themselves in the house and not leave for 10 days. But I have faith believe it or not. Well kind of .

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  1. Kim . You sound like me :)
    Everything will be all right ,. Go get that beautiful girl:)
    Can't wait to hear from you !!!
    Have a wonderful and safe trip.