Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prince Caspian
More stuff about adoption

Well I just saw the latest release of The Chronicles Of Narnia. I thought it was good, a ton of sword fights a lot of death but no blood, in fact I don't think small kids would grasp the fact that people were dieing. The scariest part was about 30 seconds when the evil witch was trying to tempt the kids into letting her free. That part made me uncomfortable because of the witch craft, but other than that good prevailed and the hidden symbols of God and faith are beautiful as in the first movie. There was however a lot of destruction and war and I wandered if that was a good idea for Mason who seems to be prone to that kind of thing. I still think it was better than most Disney movies where rude humor and adult content have to be added. We saw the previews to Kung Fo Panda and of course there was the flatulence scene. Really? do we need it?

Well if I can get my big butt of this computer there is a million things to do. I have to get the bedrooms done before my darling Nettie comes. The floor needs to be mopped. The bathrooms need to be cleaned. Life is busy to say the least.

The next blog post will be tonight and I will unveil to the world the handy work of my husband. Drum Roll Please............

The play set he built!!!!!! stay tuned.

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